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Why Choose Ransley Hay

Range Of Products

With our global network of suppliers, we are able to offer the most comprehensive and extensive range of premium grade hay, straw and haylage products to suit your personal requirements.


With more than 35 years of personally selecting the very best Hay products from the UK, Europe, Canada and the US for use by leading Racehorse Trainers, Stud Farms and Polo Teams throughout the UK, Ireland and the UAE, we at Ransley Hay understand that feeding high quality long fibre forage is the natural way to promote a healthy digestive system for your horse and helps to reduce the risk of gastric ulcers, colic and other related problems whilst generally supporting good health and performance.


Understanding of the need to maintain quality and consistency for as long as possible it is through our robust and established network that we are able to supply from the same batch for as long as possible so as not to disturb your horses diet at critical times of the year.

Service Delivery

We are able to offer a flexible and efficient delivery service using our own lorries with truck mounted forklift where necessary. This enables us to accommodate most orders regardless of site and location.


We understand that feeding high-quality long fibre forage is the natural way to promote a healthy digestive system for your horse and helps to reduce the risk of gastric ulcers, colic and other related problems while generally supporting good health and Performance.


With our latest innovation being the Fibre Select range of packaged products., we continually research new products and technology that will help deliver improved efficiency, performance and wellbeing.  As well as continually striving to find new ways to improve all of the products in our range.

Q&A's about our Hay Products

How much will it cost?

Given the range of products available and dependant volumes ordered, you can expect to pay anywhere between £1 to £3 per day per horse. To find out the exact quotation for your individual requirements, please contact us.

Where does your Hay come form?

At Ransley Hay we appreciate the importance of a year round consistent supply of high quality forage which we source from our network of partners in the uk, mainland, europe north america and canadian producers.

What types of Hay do you supply?

Our range is extensive and can include almost any type of hay from around the world albeit our most popular types are English Ryegrass, Meadow Hay, Pure Tymothy, Alfalfa, Terrier Hay and these can be provided in single selection or blended if required.

How do you overcome inconsistencies with quality of hay?

Whilst hay is a natural product and by its very nature variable it is through our experienced and extensive network of suppliers that we can select the very best product from around the world in its required volume to ensure your horses diet is not effected at critical times.

What sizes of bales do you supply?

We are able to supply the most comprehensive range of forage products that allows you to select the hay most suited to your personal requirements. These include UK hay in traditional small bales or large square Bale’s, Canadian and American hay supplied in approximately 50 kg double compressed bales and a variety of hay products from our innovative processing facility that produces fully packaged 20kg bales known as the fibre select range.

 Who else uses your products?

For more than 30 years we have supplied leading race horse trainers, stud farms and Polo teams throughout the UK, Ireland and the UAE.

Now ask yourself these questions…

Would your horse benefit from being fed the correct amount of forage everyday, every feed? Would you benefit from knowing how much long time long fibre hay you are giving your horse every day, every feed? Our Fibre select range answers these questions, click here to find out more.

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